A nude man has caused a stir on a packed Melbourne train.

The video, posted to the Lilydale Line Facebook page, shows passengers on the Frankston Line loudly cheering a nude man, as he runs through a train, before completing a long slip'n'slide down the aisle of the busy carriage.

The short video, posted to the Lilydale Line Facebook page, shows the naked passenger, as he gets up from his seat while other passengers cheer him on and film him on their phones.

As the man covers his genitals with a single hand, he makes his way to the back of the carriage, as the passengers cheer and scream wildly.


He then gets a small run up, before hurling himself onto the wet floor of the carriage, sliding down the length of the train on his stomach as passengers continue cheering him.

He is then shown briefly running back through the carriage, as passengers give him high-fives.

"This is what it means to be Australian," The Lilydale Line commented under the post, gathering a further 733 likes from their followers, and a torrent of strangely patriotic reactions to the nudie run.

"I love my country," another man wrote.

"How good is Australia?" a woman asked.

"This is the most Australian video I've seen all year," another commenter wrote.
"I love this beautiful country," another commenter wrote.
"Everything about this video is majestic," another commenter wrote. "With special note to the 'mullet in progress' soaring along behind him."

According to the post, the train was travelling on the Frankston Line, which goes from Frankston, in the Melbourne's south east, through to the CBD.
It's unclear why the man was naked, or why the passengers were whipped into such fervour.
The video has been a hit, gathering 10,000 comments, and 6500 reactions since it was shared yesterday.