A young man, dubbed the world's "most modified youth", has been openly taunting authorities while on the run from Victoria Police.

Ethan Bramble, 23, has 98 per cent of his body covered in tattoos, including his eyeballs and all over his face.

Along with his ink, he also has a split tongue, numerous piercings and implants.

Police announced yesterday that a warrant had been issued for Bramble's arrest, asking for public assistance in locating him.


A police spokesperson told news.com.au he was wanted on assault related offences.

"He is described as caucasian, with a thin build," the police said in a statement.

Apart from his distinctive tattoos, he also has "gauges approximately 10cm in diameter in both earlobes".

Despite being on the run from police, Bramble has been extremely active on social media, regularly boasting about his wanted status.

He even commented on his own warrant announcement on the Melbourne Police Facebook page.

"I've never once seen him in my life," he wrote on the post bearing his mugshot.

The 23-year-old also posted a photo of himself on an ice cream enthusiast Facebook group as a way to further taunt authorities.

"Nananana you'll never catch me. Cream on brothers," he wrote along with a photo of him eating an ice cream.

Bramble has continued to use social media to taunt police. Photo / Facebook
Bramble has continued to use social media to taunt police. Photo / Facebook

In another jab at authorities, Bramble, who also has a young child, uploaded a video of himself sitting at a bus stop playing the song F**k Tha Police by NWA.

He is known to frequent the Melbourne CBD, Preston, Windsor and Ringwood, but his recent online activity suggests he may have gone across the border to NSW.

On his Instagram page, which has more than 200,000 followers, Bramble posted a live video musing about whether he should turn himself in.

He then claimed he didn't think he would be extradited back to Victoria if he fled to NSW and said he was going home to "eat lasagne" and consider his options.

The tattooed fugitive was seen asking for a bus ticket to Rosehill before smiling at the camera and saying, "Well, now you know where I live."

It is understood his last known address in NSW was in the Sydney's suburb of Rosehill.


"I smoke too much, I drink too much, I don't want to go to jail," he told viewers during the lifestream.

"Hopefully I don't get life in prison, later crew."


Just over two weeks ago, Bramble appeared on he appeared on talk show Studio 10 to discuss his extreme body modification.

At the time, his most recent modification was a silicon spider embedded under the skin in his hand.

"I have always enjoyed how it looks. Growing up I was interested in Aztec design like nose poles and then as I got older I realised, wow, you can get more intense stuff done … you can get all kinds of weird and wacky stuff done," Bramble said in the interview.

He also told the hosts his extreme look would make him the "coolest grandpa ever".


Bramble's obsession with body modification first started when he was 11 and his sister suggested they stretch his ears.

By the age of 13, he was regularly hanging out and working in tattoo parlours.

At the age of 17, he started looking into heavier modifications because he "liked the way it looks".

He has since had his tongue split, his philtrum (the indented top part of the lip) cut and stretched, his labret (the area under the bottom lip) cut and stretched which has now been sewn up.

He's had his nostrils punched (a procedure done with a cookie-cutter-type tool), his ears have been stretched, the insides of his ears have been punched and each ear has been cut and shaped so half is missing.

He has also had his eyeballs tattooed and his bellybutton removed.


During an interview with news.com.au last May, he claimed the tongue split was the most painful modification he had ever done.

In the days after the procedure, he was unable to eat or drink and even tried crushing up anti-inflammatory pills and attempting to take them with a baby syringe.

"It was five days of near-death. You have to sleep upright and have a towel because you're constantly drooling and if you lie down you choke on your own spit and saliva and blood and die. It definitely was not a fun experience," he said.

Bramble also said his eyeball tattoos were particularly weird and described it as the "scariest thing" he's ever done.

"To see a syringe come into your eye and enter your eyeball. It doesn't hurt, because there's no pain receptors so it's a really surreal feeling," he said.

"You have one person holding your eyelids open and it's up to you to stare at the wall at a certain spot. It's so stressful because if you move your eyeball when there's a syringe in there, you'll go blind. So that's definitely a really sketchy one."


The wanted man's edgy look has earned him sponsorship from overseas clothing brands and a body modification accessories store.