The mayor of Naples has blamed the gritty television series Gomorrah, which chronicles the dark world of the Camorra mafia, for a rise in violence on the streets of the port city.

Luigi de Magistris claims that acts of violence spike every time an episode of the award-winning programme is broadcast on Italian screens.

He accused the series of glamorising drugs, violence and guns, saying that it was seducing young people into a life of crime.

"On evenings when the series is shown, acts of violence increase — it happens often," the mayor told an Italian radio station, Radio 24.


"Symbols of evil are dangerous.

"I see many young people who are fascinated by them. They no longer want to choose culture, honesty and redemption, but violence, gangs, arrogance."

Gomorrah is billed as "the epic inside story of the Neapolitan crime syndicate, the Camorra".
It has been described as "Italy's answer to Breaking Bad".

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