An Austrian baker has paid NZ$5200 in fines for speeding on the same road 42 days in a row as he returned from work at 3am.

Heimo Wallner thought the speed limit on his road home was 50km/h but it was actually 30km/h.

He said it took more than month for the first ticket to come through which is why he kept speeding for so long.

"I thought there would be more to come - and it would get expensive," he said.


The baker didn't see speed limit signs or an infra-red speed camera by a school, which didn't flash, because it was always dark when he drove past.

Out of 50 half-hour trips to work in Klagenfurt, he was caught speeding on 42 of them.

Wallner said he cancelled his holiday to Greece to fork out two months' wages on the fines.

He decided not to appeal because it would have been too much hassle.

"You cannot lodge an appeal against all the fines in one go, so I would have had to make 42 separate challenges," he told Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The baker said his wife did not blame him for the fines.