A man in Scotland was reported missing by his partner of 27 years only to be found in the US days later, with his new wife.

Malcolm McGregor disappeared from the home he shared in Scotland with his childhood sweetheart Cheryl Cowie, last month.

Cowie reported him missing and a police hunt began to try to locate the 38-year-old and return him safe and sound to his partner and the couple's two children.

However, that wasn't to happen.


Instead, McGregor was reportedly found in Utah, US, where he married new wife Bell Valek, after lying to his family about going to visit a relative and, instead, abandoning his partner and children.

McGregor, a decorator, told his family in Motherwell, Scotland, that he was visiting a relative in Kilmarnock just 34 miles away from his home.

When he failed to return, his worried partner raised the alarm with police.

McGregor unashamedly posted wedding photos to Facebook with his new wife in Utah, who has taken his surname.

Cowie was understandably upset.

"It's just awful. It must have been devastating for Cowie to see those pics," a friend said, quoted by The Sun.

Cheryl Cowie is said to be understandably devastated by the discovery. Photo / Facebook
Cheryl Cowie is said to be understandably devastated by the discovery. Photo / Facebook

"Malcolm and Cheryl are childhood sweethearts. They've been together for over 20 years — they met at school. They have two kids and seemed like the perfect family."

"But all of a sudden he just upped and left. It's crazy what's happened. They just don't know what has gotten into him — it's just so out of character."

"To say his family are devastated is an understatement."

According to a friend, it is possible that McGregor met his new wife via Facebook and has stayed in touch with her for as long as two years before abandoning his family.