A shooting in Britain which left 10 people in hospital, including two children, is now being treated as attempted murder carried out with a shotgun, police have said.

Initially Greater Manchester Police said only that the attack, which took place in Moss Side late yesterday, had left victims with "pellet-type wounds" in their legs, the Daily Telegraph reports.

But at a press conference today, Chief Superintendent Wasim Chaudhry of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said officers were working on the premise that the weapon used was a shotgun.

He said those injured were aged between 12 and in their 50s, and predominantly suffered injuries to their legs. One has discharged themselves from hospital and the others are still being treated.


Detectives are investigating the incident as attempted murder.

Chaudhry said the motive for the attack remained unclear and officers were looking into whether it was targeted.

He said: "There were no arrests at the event itself. At 2.25am my officers got the report of a sound of two large bangs in the Claremont Road area. What they were faced with was a large crowd of several people continuing to celebrate the carnival.

"There was a state of panic. Officers carried out first aid. Ten people have received injuries which were related to gun shot. Probably a shotgun discharge. How many times it was discharged is unclear.

"The injuries are serious for some but not life-threatening. This could've been far worse. Discharging a firearm like this completely reckless.

"These people need to be caught. I'd urge the community to pull together and work with the police. It's imperative that we catch these people and that we recover the firearm involved."

The shooting took place at a street party being held after the first day of this weekend's Caribbean Carnival in Alexandra Park. The carnival has been held every year since 1972.

The party was not affiliated to the carnival and the police are not drawing a link between the carnival and the shooting.

Footage reportedly showing the aftermath of the incident was posted on social media.

The video appears to show a panicked group of people being helped by police.

As a voice cries out, shouts of "move" can be heard, while another voice asks "can you hear me".

Detective Superintendent Debbie Dooley said: "We currently have a number of people in hospital all being treated for different injuries but thankfully most do not appear to be life-threatening at this time.

"Officers are trying to establish exactly where this incident took place and who is responsible for such a dangerous attack.

"Those living or visiting the area will understandably be concerned by this incident and we will have extra officers patrolling the area throughout the morning and into the coming days."

GMP said it had deployed a "large number" of armed and unarmed officers in the area after the alarm was raised.

Investigations were taking place to identify exactly where the shooting occurred and who was involved.