A Kiwi father who held up a Sunshine Coast Subway store with a replica gun says he wants to remain in Australia.

In 2016, James William Ryan covered his face with a red bandana before entering a Subway store with a fake gun.

The father-of-seven, who was five weeks into his parole, pointed the gun at a worker in the store and demanded they hand over cash.

Ryan fled the scene with $856. The worker waited to call police because he was in shock.


Ryan was sentenced on Thursday at the Sunshine Coast's Maroochydore District Court to five years' imprisonment with a parole release date in March 2019, Daily Mail Australia reported.

He had already spent 477 days in custody following the robbery.

Ryan also received a 12-month prison sentence for assault occasioning bodily harm following an altercation with his eformer partners' boyfriend.

Judge Gary Long said the father's crimes warranted a "substantial" prison sentence - something that could affect his visa, Daily Mail Australia reported.

Ryan said in court he is determined to stay in Australia.

"It's been confirmed this morning that you're set on this course," Judge Long said.

"It may be noted that there may be much in front of you in relation to that desire."