With all eyes on their historic summit in Singapore, the world was always going to dissect US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to within an inch of their lives today.

And at some point amid the promises to denuclearise, former NBA star Dennis Rodman crying on CNN about the meeting between his mates, and suspicions that not only might Kim not honour any deal, but he might also be wearing shoe lifts, Twitter became fertile ground for a tale of two signatures.

Specifically, those of Trump and Kim on that all-important agreement.

On the left, Trump's: all big, bold, spiky and uniformly the blackest of black.


On the right, Kim's: angling up, sparse, with plenty of white space.

As body language experts interpreted the pair's every move, handshakes and eye-meet, Twitter users turned handwriting experts to scrutinise those scrawls.

"Looks like his own little rockets being launched," posted one observer of Kim's rarely seen signature, while others compared it to "falling missiles" and one ventured it looked like a cat had stepped in ink and walked over the page.

Others said the signature "looks like a missile", a "mid-course trajectory of a Hwasong-15 missile" to be exact, according to one.

Twitter reacts to the document signing.
Twitter reacts to the document signing.

Another, @FriendzoneLayer, suggested Kim's signature "looks like they put the paper 9 feet off the ground and made him jump repeatedly to sign it".

Perhaps he was wise to wear those shoe lifts.

Trump wasn't exempt from the analysis: one user cruelly observed "Trump's signature already looks like a clan rally while Kim's looks like a missile launch."

Some went into psychological territory to offer what they thought each scrawl said about its owner's personality.

"Signatures that are hard to decipher indicate a person is very private, hard to read and understand. Trump's signature is an example," one Tweet offered.

Kim's signature came in for praise from some sections.
Kim's signature came in for praise from some sections.

"Kim Jong-un. His handwriting was slightly tilted, with the direction going upwards, which experts say indicate feisty and self-centred personality."

Trump's signature has been much-dissected before, handwriting experts variously saying the oversized, bold, angular spiky chain of letters reveal "anger and fear", a lack of empathy and the mark of someone who believes himself to be "a big hunk of a man", who "craves power, prestige and admiration".

One wag on Twitter said it "legit looks like a lie-detector test", while another ventured it looked like "America's pulse having a heart attack".