A mother-daughter duo are confronted by an armed robber in their family's liquor store in Oklahoma, but they quickly pull out their own guns and shoot him several times, and its all caught on CCTV.

The incredible heart-stopping footage shows Tina Ring, 53, and her daughter Ashley Lee, 30, appearing to co-operate after giving the armed robber money while they are being held up with a shotgun at their Forest Acres Liquor Store on Thursday night, reports the Daily Mail.

The robber, with his head covered by a hood, empties the register.
The robber, with his head covered by a hood, empties the register.

However the fast-acting women grabbed two small pistols hidden under the register and lock him in the store with a button, turning the tables on the would-be robber, who police identified as Tyrone Lee, 36.

First Tina shoots Lee once at point-blank range, as he runs off she pumps off two more shots in his direction. Her daughter Ashley looks to be dialling 911 while her mother covers them waiting for the brazen robber to return.


At some point Lee and his shotgun have parted as he appears to be no longer armed.

He shockingly stumbles back towards the women, and Tina squeezes off another round and it looks as if she hit Lee in the leg this time as he winces in pain.

He then tries to wrestle Tina's gun away from her, and manages to pistol whip her before successfully getting it out of her hand.

Ashley watches her mother struggle with the robber and shoots him at point-blank range.

Lee, who is now in possession of Tina's gun, tries to fire at the women, but it is out of ammo.

He falls to the floor behind the register, and tries in vain to get up several times after being riddled with bullets.

The would-be thief reportedly drove himself to a local hospital where he was put into a medically induced coma.

Tina suffered a gash to the head, which required staples.


Speaking out after her ordeal, she said: "I didn't want him to hurt my daughter. That was my main thought.

"All I was thinking was "just give him the money and go" and the next thing I know I see him back in my face. I'm still in shock. I don't think I have really processed everything yet."

Store owner Justin Christian, 33, was out of town at the time of the attack and says his mother and sister "did what they had to do".

He told KJRH-TV: "I'm very proud of them. They fought for their life. Had my mom not made sure that the pistol she shot was empty ... he tried shooting my sister with it point-blank.

"You're not going to scare me off from my store. This is what feeds my family, this is what pays my bills."

Sergeant Brandon Watkins, of the Tulsa Police Department, identified Tyrone Lee, 36, as the alleged attacker and said he is suspected of carrying out several other armed robberies in the area.

He said: "It does appear that this is going to be the guy we had been looking for. He's done multiple robberies here in Tulsa, as well as up in the county."

Officers are reported to be monitoring Lee's condition and he is expected to survive.