Instagram stars, former Hells Angels bikie Benjamin "Notorious" Geppert and his heavily tattooed glamour girlfriend have been marched off an exclusive resort island.

Geppert, also a former Finks gang member, and Allaina Vader — who call one other "Boo" and "Noodles" on Instagram — were removed by police escort from Hamilton Island last weekend.

Geppert and Ms Vader had gone to stay at the Whitsunday Islands Apartments to celebrate his birthday.

The pair before they departed for Hamilton Island. Photo / via Instagram
The pair before they departed for Hamilton Island. Photo / via Instagram

But Queensland Police told officers were called to the resort last Thursday night after resort security reported a disturbance.


Sometime before 3am on Friday, Geppert's 26th birthday, officers took the couple by police boat off the island.

Ms Vader, who along with her boyfriend Geppert appears to live her life on Instagram, seems to have filmed Geppert's police escorted eviction.

The video has been uploaded to his Instagram account.

Officers ferried the couple to Abell Point Marina, on the Australian mainland at Airlie Beach.

Whitsunday Island Local Area Command issued Geppert, 26, and Ms Vader, 27, with infringement notices for threatening behaviour in or near a licensed premises.

Later Ms Vader dismissed the penalty, which incurs a fine of up to $683, with an Instagram post which also disparaged the island.

"Two fines pfffff brrrrrrt throw it on our tabs ya dogs," Ms Vader posted.

"I hated it there! Everything was shut the humans f***ed got our money back and free yacht ride to the mainland F***ing winning."


The couple had earlier posted photographs lazing around the Whitsunday Islands Apartments pool displaying their many tattoos.

Ms Vader, who often rails to her 156,000 Instagram followers against "haters", has the word "prevail" inked on her stomach below a tattoo of a large winged insect.

Geppert has the word "Vendetta" tattooed on his forehead, a gun and the words "crime pays" behind his left ear, plus the numerals "XIII" on his left cheek and "368".

The couple took their eviction from Hamilton Island and subsequent fine in their stride, posting further birthday holiday photographs in the sunshine at Airlie Beach.

The next night, Geppert posted an "Instagram Story" video of the couple apparently making love.

However Geppert, who just two years ago told authorities he wanted out of bikie gangs,


is due back in Southport Magistrates Court on Thursday on drug charges.

The three charges, which are unrelated to the Hamilton Island incident, comprise two counts of possess dangerous drug and one count of possess utensil or pipe for use.

Geppert, who posted a picture of himself in late January saying "been inside for weeks like a putrid c***", faced a bail hearing at Southport court early last month.

Geppert appears to have been living an idyllic life with Ms Vader.

The loved-up couple post constant romantic messages about their close relationship and being together "forever".

Geppert has posted about buying a diamond studded Joe Rodeo watch and his favourite Louis Vuitton trainers.


He also posted one image of a large of wad of cash and occasional joking references about drugs.

Instagram photographs of himself with serious slash wounds are possibly old because he does not appear to be sporting any scars.

The Instagram star and ex-Hells Angels bikie. Photo / via Instagram
The Instagram star and ex-Hells Angels bikie. Photo / via Instagram

However, hints of his former life as a bikie in trouble with the law, including a prison mug shot, show up on his account.

In February last year, a Queensland judge sentenced Geppert and another former Finks bikie Corey Kinnear to prison terms for lying about a black BMW on the Gold Coast.

Both men received three months behind bars after pleading guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice about who was driving the unregistered vehicle in July 2015.

But while Judge Julie Dick said the charge was serious and "strikes at the administration of justice", Geppert and Kinnear were immediately released on parole.


On Instagram, Geppert posted a photograph of himself days later "fresh out of jail looking fresh".

In June, he posted a picture of himself tucking into a meal with the comment, "still eating like I'm in C3".

The post is believed to be a reference to the C3 wing of the prison compound inside Queensland's Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.

On July 8 last year, Geppert posed naked but for a beanie and strategically placed scarf and responded to someone's joking suggestion, "cocaine is a powerful drugggg!!".

Geppert replied, "I haven't sniffed a line of coke for ages now brother".

In October 2017, Geppert posted undated photographs of himself with severe facial cuts held together by metal stitches.


Last December, he posted alongside a selfie of his ripped muscular physique the words, "I've sold white ain't doin that I've been to prison ain't goin back".

Three days later, on December 14, he posted a picture someone has taken of him sitting in a car, holding an object with white powder.

Ex-Hells Angels Benjamin
Ex-Hells Angels Benjamin "Notorious" Geppert and his girlfriend Allaina Vader at the start of their Hamilton Island holiday. Photo / via Instagram

Instagram followers have posted comments such as "dinner for one", "white sausages for dinner" and "I find an anz card lines up a bit better than a Westpac card".

On New year's Eve last year, he posted a photograph of himself with Ms Vader with the words "lunch with the family".

On January 27, this year, Geppert posts a photograph of the couple with a loving tribute.

"This girl is a female version of me. There is a reason your my five 8 only female I've ever trusted.


"You don't know what love is until you find a person who is DOWN FOR WHATEVER! I love you princess."

Before they were thrown off Hamilton Island, Ms Vader posted a picture of herself and Geppert in their hotel room with the words, "In my head you are already my husband.

"Can't wait. Happy birthday my beautiful man you mean the f***ing world.

"Together we might be crazy ... but no one ever has come close to you with how I feel about you.

"You Truly are my king."

Just over two years ago, Geppert spent an unhappy holiday season behind bars before being released after charges against him were dropped.


In December 2015, police charged Geppert and then Finks bikie member Ben Williamson

with affray, believing them to be involved in an attack on a Hells Angels bikie with a silver baseball bat.

Two men had chased Hells Angels bikie Christopher Bloomfield with the bat outside a busy Gold Coast restaurant precinct.

At the time, Geppert was believed to have patched over from the Hells Angels to the Finks.

Both accused were locked up just before Christmas in what their lawyer described as "an abuse of process".

When Geppert applied for bail days later, his solicitor told Southport Magistrates Court that after spending Christmas Day in jail cell, he wanted to "disassociate" from the Finks.


A spokesman for Hamilton Island told that the resort "retains the right to request visitors leave the island if they impinge on other guests' holiday experience".