Emergency personnel inspect the lead engine of an Amtrak train that crashed into a rubbish truck in Crozet, Virginia. Picture / AP One person was killed and at least five were injured when an Amtrak train carrying Republican lawmakers to an annual party conference in West Virginia collided with a truck in Crozet, Virginia.

Amtrak said no one on the train was seriously injured, although five people — two crew members and three passengers — were transported to a hospital with minor injuries. It was a 10-carriage train, Amtrak said.

The chartered train was carrying members of the US House and Senate, some of their spouses and children and aides, although it was not immediately clear which members were onboard. Federal Railroad Administration responders will aid National Transportation Safety Board investigators.

"We appear to have hit a garbage truck," said Senator Mike Lee, (R), who was reached by telephone on board the train.


"It looks like it's been maybe cut in half. We can see garbage strewn around, and we can see the back half of the truck. There was a feeling of an impact, and you could feel we had hit something. It took us maybe a quarter mile to stop."