Dramatic video from a Queensland Police Service car dashcam has shown the moment a man was intercepted driving with his trailer fully ablaze near Miriam Vale.

Early on January 18, police received information that a trailer being towed on the Bruce Highway between Colosseum and Miriam Vale had caught fire.

Police spotted the vehicle just before 3am.

The trailer was dropping burning debris, and sparks and flames were being sprayed all over the highway.


The trailer did not have any wheels.

The officer turned on his lights and sirens to stop the driver, but he kept going.

The driver finally pulled over at the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Dovedale Rd.

Police received further information to suggest the driver had travelled approximately 20km while fully engulfed in flames, causing burning debris to be littered across the highway which set multiple spot fires along adjoining bushland.

The 49-year-old male driver from Kybong is assisting police with their investigations into the matter.