One weather reporter got a surprise live on-air when his segment was crashed by an uninvited visitor.

Mark Tamayo was hosting the 4pm weather newscast on Thursday afternoon for KTVU in San Francisco when a bird peered into the camera.

The footage was streaming live from the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands when the animal popped in to say hello, reports Daily Mail.

It looks into the camera in confusion as Tamayo laughs at his unexpected guest.


Heather Holmes, the anchor, laughs and says: "He's totally checking out the camera Mark."

Tamayo doesn't appear to be too flustered, and even says he may need more time for his segment to let the bird have its fun.

The bird sticks around for a little while before it flies away.

This was not the first time a bird had crashed one of Tamayo's shows. Last year a photobomber surprised him.

"That gave me a little experience," Tamayo said to SFGate. "On that one I really had no idea how to respond."

"I thought, gosh, do I click off this graphic really quick and speed up?" he said.

"I see the bird looking so curious and looking directly at the camera like it belonged there, and I guess it did," Tamayo said.

"Obviously the bird had no idea it was on live news but it looked very confident and poised."


"I let the bird have the whole scene. I couldn't click off it, so I actually said I may need more time."