Temperatures have plummeted across the United States, with the "bomb cyclone" snow blizzard bringing such extreme weather that sharks have been discovered washed ashore frozen completely solid.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said it discovered three dead thresher sharks stranded on a beach in Massachusetts in the past three days, as a result of the record-breaking cold snap.

It is believed that the first two died due to "cold shock" but the third was found completely frozen, with the group dubbing it a "true sharkcicle".

They were hauled off the beach to thaw so a dissection could be performed at the NOAA Fisheries Service location.


It isn't just sharks that are succumbing to the freezing weather. Iguanas have been seen stiffening and falling out of trees in parts of South Florida.

Green iguanas are common in Miami's suburbs and locals have been posting photos and videos online of the animals lying belly up on the ground not moving.

Iguanas are cold blooded and start to get sluggish when temperatures drop below 10C, causing them to stiffen and fall from their perches.

Residents are being warned not to handle them though, as they may feel threatened once they have warmed up and could bite.