As Chanel Lewis, the man accused of killing Karina Vetrano while she was out jogging in New York, described the woman's final moments, her family couldn't contain the tears.

Her mother, Cathie Vetrano, could be heard sobbing as the killer detailed the attack on her daughter.

The killer described the details of the brutal August 2016 attack to police in a video played in court on Monday.

"I was mad, I saw red," he told police.


Lewis described grabbing the jogger as she ran past him through a marshy swamp. He told them she clawed at his face as he hit her five times. She was then knocked unconscious.

"She didn't yell. She was finished."

"I finished her off, I strangled her. She fell into the puddle and drowned. I got up and wiped off the blood. And she was calm, she was in the pool [of water].

"It was like all the way over [her face]," he said, describing the puddle, gesturing across his own face.

The man maintains that he did not molest the jogger despite her shorts being pulled down.

"I didn't do any of the stuff they said, sexual assault and stuff like that," he told police.

When police asked him why he murdered the woman, he responded it was "because a guy moved into my house and the neighborhood."

The trial continues.