Dashcam footage has captured the dramatic moment that an out-of-control car smashes into a parked vehicle, crushing it before ploughing into the side of a hospital.

The video shows the car driving out of the carpark of the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia at 5.17pm on Thursday (local time) before losing control as it crosses Burgundy St.

The car careers over an embankment and crushes into the parked vehicle's front windscreen, according to The Herald Sun.

The rear footage shows the car flying through the air before landing, continuing across the street and into the side of nearby Warringal Private Hospital.


Grant Fisher said he was visiting a friend in the private hospital when he heard his registration number called over the PA system.

"When I heard them I thought it was odd as I had time left on my car park but when I got outside the car was totalled," he said.

"When the police said I should grab everything out of my car I realised my dashboard camera would be in the perfect spot to see it all."

Mr Fisher said he believed no one had been injured in the crash except for the driver, who was in a stable condition.

"He was conscious walking out of the car from what I understand ... I spoke to his son and he said he was 96 years old but the looking all right," he said.

"My car was a 2014 Corolla and pretty sturdy but there was no recovering it from there. "The car to my right was only a month old and just as damaged. The owner was not happy about that."

An Ambulance Victoria spokesperson on Friday said the man suffered leg injuries and was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a stable condition. Victoria Police have no apparent record of the incident.

This story was originally published by The Herald Sun.