A woman jailed for luring vulnerable youngsters into the clutches of an Asian sex gang has been attacked after fellow inmates "found out what she's in for".

Carolann Gallon - called Chucky by friends - was a key member of a paedophile group who abused hundreds of girls in Newcastle, reports the Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old was the only female to be jailed as part of a major probe into the gang and was originally locked up alongside notorious serial killer Rose West at HMP Low Newton in County Durham.

As revealed by MailOnline, her fellow prisoners had discussed attacking Gallon due to the sickening nature of her crimes.


She was moved almost 150 miles away to Cheshire's HMP Styal, according to Chronicle Live, where she was assaulted last week.

Her father Jimmy Gallon said: "People have found out what she's in for and she's getting grief.

"I really miss her but my hands are tied. It's just heartbreaking for me."

Mr Gallon, who has lost both of his legs to diabetes, claims his daughter was a victim of the gang and did not deserve a prison sentence.

The former steel worker has 17 children with four different women and said she went off the rails as a teenager.

The decision to charge Gallon was taken by the UK's senior law officer the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Gallon, jailed for six years, was the only female to be sentenced as part of Operation Shelter, Northumbria Police's wide-ranging investigation into sexual exploitation in Newcastle.

Newcastle Crown Court was told the Asian gang would prey on vulnerable young women, luring them to depraved 'parties' where they would be drugged and raped.


Gallon pleaded guilty to three counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation after a court heard she left one victim - who had learning disabilities - in the hands of rapist Abdulhamid Minoyee.