A 10-year-old Ohio boy was caught stealing his family car and leading his mother and police on a dangerous high-speed chase.

The boy took the family's vehicle from their home on Thursday morning after his father reported it missing.

According to police, the car was being chased by another vehicle, believed to be the boy's mother.

Police began giving chase with the boy hitting speeds of 154km/h.


At one point police made eye contact with the 10-year-old and motioned for him to pull over - to which the child shook his head "no".

Police attempted to stop the vehicle by boxing it in and putting stop sticks out by the boy avoided them by driving through a ditch.

The boy attempted to re-enter the road but became stuck, bringing an end to the chase 80km from where the vehicle was stolen.

The child was taken to the hospital as a precaution but did not suffer any injuries.

Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Richard Reeder told Cleveland 19 that about eight cruisers were involved in the chase and that the fact no one was injured was a "good end to a bad situation".

As the boy was taken into custody, he attempted to spit in several officers' faces before kicking one in the face, the Ohio State Highway Patrol allege.

It is the second time the 10-year-old has stolen his mother's car.