From rapping a boarding procedure to dancing on the tarmac, one Southwest employee wants to brighten travelers' days.

A video captured the moment Kyran Ashford put on a dance show from the airport tarmac for a departing flight.

He has worked as an operations agent at the Greater Rochester International Airport in the US for five years and has become well-known throughout the region for his entertainment skills.

Country singer Terry McBride caught sight of Ashford dancing on the tarmac before a flight to Nashville and filmed the funny moment.


It shows Ashford putting on a show, busting out dance moves before taking a bow to finish the performance.

The video now has almost six million views and Ashford is shocked at the attention.

"I'm mind-blown out of this whole thing," he said to the Democrat & Chronicle.

"Everything I've been doing, that's all a part of who I am," Ashford said. "My mother raised me to be the type of man to walk around with great character, and that people should never be ashamed of who they are."

The video of Ashford dancing the plane out has been viewed more that 6 million times.
The video of Ashford dancing the plane out has been viewed more that 6 million times.

Ashford aims to give at least one passenger "30 seconds of positive vibes" before they get on the plane.

He works with JetStream Ground Services servicing Southwest Airlines, doubling as an operations agent whose responsibilities include scanning boarding passes and as a ramp agent, directing airplanes out of gates and loading luggage.

Ashford has also been spotted rapping through boarding procedures behind an airport desk.

"You don't know why these people are flying out ... they could be going to a funeral," he said.