Footage has emerged on social media of a man hitting himself with his own car during a bizarre road rage incident in Malabar, Australia.

When the car behind him toots the horn, the man can be seen angrily getting out of his car. The only problem is that he forgot to put it in park and use the handbrake.

He tries to walk towards the car behind him but gets hit by his own car as it begins rolling backwards.

The vehicle ploughs into the car behind it and the man is thrown onto the ground.


The man can be heard arguing with the people in the car behind him throughout the whole ordeal.

"You caused that," he tells the people in the other car.

The man in the car behind says he did not go around the vehicle as it was "double lines around a blind corner".

The footage was uploaded to the Facebook page Dashcam Owners Australia and has been viewed more than 200,000 times.