Switzerland: A teenager has been arrested after several people were wounded in an axe attack at a petrol station in northeastern Switzerland. The teen, a 17-year-old from Latvia, allegedly assaulted an unknown number of people at the service station and then at another location in Flums before he was arrested, local police say. It's unclear how many people were hurt but police say the teen had acted alone and there is no indication he has ties to any extremist groups.

United States: State emergency managers and the National Weather Service were surveying damage from severe storms that spawned as many as four tornadoes in southwestern and central Oklahoma. The storms tore part of the roof off of a casino and toppled power lines and trees

Australia: The wife of an Adelaide man killed by police says she was in no danger from her husband as police surrounded their motel room before shooting him. A commissioner's inquiry will be held into the death of 24-year-old Matthew Morgan who was shot at the Tollgate Motel at Glen Osmond. His wife Jami-Lee was locked in the room. She told Channel Nine: "He didn't try to physically hurt me." Matthew Morgan was wanted after running down a police officer on Friday night. Speaking yesterday, Deputy Commissioner Linda Williams said Morgan was threatening Jami-Lee. "Shots were heard from the room and a short time later the man was shot by police," Williams said.

Russia: Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has held a political rally, hours after being released from jail. The fierce critic of Vladimir Putin pledged to continue his 2018 presidential campaign despite the authorities saying he is ineligible to stand. Navalny was detained by police in late September and sentenced to 20 days in jail on charges of repeatedly violating laws by organising public meeting and rallies. It was the third time he had been jailed this year.


Malta: Several thousand Maltese citizens have rallied in Valletta to honour an investigative journalist killed by a car bomb, but the prime minister and opposition leader who were chief targets of Daphne Caruana Galizia's reporting have stayed away from the gathering.

Australia: It seems obvious - keep your hands to yourself on public transport and don't grope others. But Victorian authorities have had to join forces to launch a "Hands Off" campaign to stamp out sexual offending on public transport. Images of alleged offenders will be released over the next two weeks in a bid to identify and charge them. There are about 9000 CCTV cameras at metropolitan rail stations, and cameras on every station platform and train carriage, with Metro monitoring station CCTV 24-hours a day.

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