A two-year-old who locked himself inside his family's vehicle was saved in the nick of time by local Florida law enforcement.

Apollo Rubin had been shopping with his family in Orlando, Florida, when the boy snatched the keys from his mother and locked himself inside.

"Went to shut the door. Apollo grabbed the key from (my wife's) hand as she shut the door," said Ken Rubin to News 6.

"We heard the click when Apollo hit the lock on the fob."

But luckily a nearby Orlando police officer heard their pleas for assistance.


"I said 'Hey, we locked our kid in the car. Can you give us a hand?' He called the fire department, which had a long Slim Jim," the father added.

Filming the whole incident on his phone, Ken watched as officials tried to keep the boy calm as they attempted to jimmy the door.

Firefighters were forced to act fast when, after 30 minutes, the boy became drenched in his own sweat.

"Well the next thing that's going to happen is he's going to be passed out and we don't want that," the firefighter said.

They had to break a window in the rear of the family's SUV, quickly grabbing the boy from inside the vehicle.

Examined by paramedics, the boy appeared to be uninjured.

And while extremely grateful to the police and firefighters who helped them, Apollo's parents hope their story serves as a testimony to the dangers of leaving a child in an automobile unattended.

"Orlando Police Department and fire department both showed up right away on the spot and helped us out, so we're very grateful they were there to help us and they're our heroes for the day," Ken Rubin said.