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A jealous boyfriend who kidnapped, bashed and dragged his defenceless girlfriend by the hair in a vicious attack has issued a bizarre apology.

Melbourne man Christopher Josevski pleaded guilty to 18 charges, telling the judge he wouldn't have done it if he had known his actions were considered kidnapping.

The bizarre apology played to the court as part of a police interview, shows Josevski say he is sorry "from the bottom of his heart".


"I apologise from the bottom of my heart for my actions. From the bottom to the top yeah," he said.

"Like if I had of knew [sic] that was called kidnapping, I would not have even done it.

"You know, I stuffed up."

The shocking attack unfolded at a Melbourne petrol station. Photo / 7 News
The shocking attack unfolded at a Melbourne petrol station. Photo / 7 News

Shocking CCTV footage shows him dragging Rita Illiopolous by the hair from a petrol station to a car before kidnapping her and taking her to an isolated caravan.

A bystander also recorded a video of the altercation, which caught the woman's screams for help as she was led away.

"He told me 'I'm going to kill you, you're never going home'," she told 7 News.

Illiopolous told the court Josevski had threatened to tie her to a tree, where he would have friends come and rape her.

According to reports, Illiopolous was drifting in and out of consciousness. She also revealed Josevski threatened to kill and sexually assault her.

After a search of the property officers found Illiopolous asleep inside the caravan with clumps of her hair on Josevski's jumper.

A gun, ammunition and three cannabis plants were also found at the property.

Josevski reportedly smirked through the court hearing, and was supported by family members.

It is alleged the attack took place because he was jealous that his girlfriend was spending too much time with her friends.

He still faces charges after allegedly spitting at a news cameraman.