A doctor at a Florida surgery was caught on camera yelling and swearing at a female patient in the waiting room.

Patient Jessica Stipe was annoyed by the lengthy wait time at the Gainesville After Hours Clinic on Monday and wanted a refund after being "severely sick" and "throwing up in the trash can", the MailOnline reported.

She confronted Dr. Peter Gallogly saying her appointment was at 6.30pm and it was now 7.45pm and the entire argument was videoed by Stipes daughter.

Dr. Gallogly released a statement Wednesday with regards to the incident as he said: 'it was heavily edited and taken out of context', according to CBS.


In the video the doctor can be heard angrily saying to Stipe: "Do you want to be seen or not?" to which she says she wants to go home and get into bed.

He then fires back with: "Then fine, get the hell out, get your money and get the hell out, see you later."

The dispute continues as Stipes daughter reassures her mom that it's okay and she had been filming the whole thing as she says to the doctor: "Okay you can get out of her face."

He continues to yell at Stipe as he screams: "get the f*** out of my office. Now."

After the daughter points the camera directly to him and says: "What's your name?" the doctor aggressively slams the phone out of her hand and takes it away from her.

In a statement released by Gallogly he said: "Ms. Stipe had been increasingly belligerent and abusive to the office staff, cursing and threatening them with violence, because she was unwell and had been waiting to see me for more than an hour."

"I went to the front desk only because after Ms. Stipe received her refund, she refused to leave the office, and continued her abusive behavior towards staff."

He then said when he finally came to the waiting room Stipe and her daughter continued hurling abuse where they "cursed and threatened him."

He doesn't defend his behavior but claims he lost his temper: "While not an excuse for my behavior, a basic reason for my reaction is that I simply regard my staff as family, and I over-reacted to defend them."

In the video the doctor also says that Stipe was seen to and even had a urine sample taken.

Stipe stands by her story as she said: "I don't want anybody else in my community or any other community to receive that type of care or behavior towards them."

She said in a Facebook post, which has been shared 2.3k times: "I asked for my co pay back so I could leave and go back home to bed and try to be seen elsewhere tomorrow because I'm just that miserable."

"The Dr was mad I wanted my co pay back and was unhappy with having to wait so long and proceeded to cuss me out."

Gallogly said the situation continued even after Stipe received her refund, however she still would not leave, according to The Gainesville Sun.

Officer Ben Tobias, a spokesman for the Gainesville Police Department, said an investigation has been launched into Gallogly's actions.

Stipe said on Facebook: "God is here now but says we can't press assault charges even though it's all on tape because she has no injury .. wtf .. he took her phone and shoved her she is a minor," she angrily wrote.