Venezuelans have been told expired passports are valid for another two years because they have run out of paper and ink to print new ones.

President Maduro has signed an emergency decree to extend their validity because of chronic shortages at the national passport agency.

At least a million Venezuelans have been waiting months for new documents and cannot travel in the interim, according to Daily Mail.

The passport agency said in March that a lack of "materials" was to blame.


Demand for travel documents is at a record high as Venezuelans seek to escape from political crisis and deep recession.

Since global oil prices plunged in 2015, Venezuela hasn't had the funds to import basic goods such as food and medicine, creating acute shortages and stirring anger toward Maduro.

It makes 95 per cent of its foreign income from oil exports. Inflation is at about 700 per cent.

Adding to the overall misery are a drastic rise in violent crime - especially in the capital city of Caracas - rolling blackouts and widespread and often times bloody protests against the government.

There have been casualties and deaths on both sides of the protests and accusations from the international community of human rights abuses and political oppression.

Sceptics have previously said they think delays replacing passports is because the Maduro government is trying to keep people from leaving the beleaguered nation.