In a world where most security footage is released online for bad reasons, three teenagers in Poland were "caught" doing the right thing.

The three boys have been praised for their act of kindness after CCTV footage caught them placing a quilt on a homeless man laying on a park bench and tucking him in.

Szymon, Wojtek and Marcin, from Nysa, Poland, were reportedly approached by the homeless man earlier in the evening. The man asked the boys for help finding bedding to keep him warm that night.

The boys went all over the town trying to find the things the man needed and eventually found a property being cleared out.


"We took the quilt for this gentleman. We hugged him," Szymon said.

"'Thank you very much.' He smiled and went to sleep. I am convinced that it was worth doing. If someone asks for help, he should be given a hand."

The town's mayor has praised the boys for their good will.

"That's a big gesture. I bow to you. The world needs such gestures."