A young footballer severed his foot from his leg in a horrifying fall at home which needed hours of painful surgery to reattach.

Scott Turner's right foot was cut completely off by the force of falling 3.6m after slipping while climbing at home in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Amazingly, paramedics who rushed to the scene were able to call a local off-duty specialist who managed to temporarily put the severed foot back in its place and hold it there with a splint while the boy was hurried to hospital.


Scott was however still left needing over 14 hours of major surgery to reattach the limb, and some permanent skin damage around the wound.

Flustered mother Vickie Robertson said: "At the scene the paramedics were incredible and one called a local off duty specialist who came immediately to the scene to help and in turn saved his life and hopefully foot.

"I will be forever in their debt and would personally like to thank them. As have all staff at John Radcliffe who have been second to none going above and beyond."'

Scott was injured 12 days ago. Luckily paramedics were able to call on an off duty specialist. Photo / GoFundMe
Scott was injured 12 days ago. Luckily paramedics were able to call on an off duty specialist. Photo / GoFundMe

Meanwhile, a family friend, Nikki Webb from Winnersh, Berkshire, has raised £5000 ($9000) for the family, although it was not yet known whether the youngster will ever walk as he once did ever again.

The youngster, who lives with his single mother-of-four Vickie in Wokingham, was facing months of physio and Ms Webb insisted they deserved all the help she could give.

She said: "Scott and his amazing mum Vickie have a very long road to recovery and as their friends we wanted to do something to help them Lilly, Bonnie and Xavier so we thought we would set up this page.

"Driving to and from the hospital and parking alone is going to be £30-£40 a day, and this could be for weeks, months even.

"Then once Scott is home there will intensive daily physio needed so Vickie will still be unable to go back to work.

"Vickie is a single mum to four and she works tirelessly for charity so this our chance to give something back to her and show her just how much we all care about her and the kids."

She added: "Scott Turner had a horrific accident at his home, he was climbing and slipped falling 12ft completely severing his right foot from his leg.

"He was treated at the scene where they manually attached his foot back to his leg and held this in place by a splint. He has done irreparable damage to his skin which they are hopeful will heal over time."