This is the startling moment an alligator strolls across a road in the wake of Hurricane Irma as survivors are warned to watch out for killer beasts.

The Sun reports the reptile was spotted in downtown Melbourne, Florida, crossing a pavement next to a bus stop and diving into a ditch just hours after the mega-storm battered the region.

The shocking scenes were captured by Melbourne Fire Department as officials warned people to watch out for alligators and snakes.

A fire official can be head saying "there he goes, I'm out of here" as the huge beast dashes out of sight.


As people headed out to assess the destruction left in Irma's path today Florida health department tweeted: "After storms, be alert to wildlife, snakes, alligators, etc. may have been displaced as a result of strong winds or rain."

It's believed wild animals will have been pushed into residential neighbourhoods by up to 241km/h winds - but there was some good news as zoos confirmed no escapes.