A Canadian man suspected of fatally stabbing his girlfriend and then allegedly describing the attack on Reddit has been arrested, after evading police for more than two months.

Ager Hasan is set to face multiple charges including second-degree murder, after his 22-year-old girlfriend of one year, Melinda Vasilije, was found dead in her Kitchener apartment from multiple stab wounds on April 28.

During a press conference Waterloo Regional Police said that the 24-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday in San Antonio, Texas during a traffic stop being conducted by the US secret service as part of an unrelated investigation.

Hasan claimed in the Reddit post that he fled Canada to give himself some space before handing himself into police. Photo / Instagram
Hasan claimed in the Reddit post that he fled Canada to give himself some space before handing himself into police. Photo / Instagram

"They then liaised with Homeland Security and Border Services connected with our organisation and ultimately executed the warrant," Inspector Mike Haffner told reporters.


Along with a second-degree murder charge, Hasan is also facing a charges of three counts of breach of recognisance that, according to police, refers to a "domestic related incident" where Hasan allegedly committed a break-and-enter and two counts of assault at Vasilije's apartment. While Vasilije was not the victim of the assault, Hasan was still restricted from making contact with her or going near her place of residence.

At the time of his arrest Hasan was driving a black 2016 Honda HR-V, the same vehicle he was believed to have fled Canada in after alleged murder took place, but he had swapped out the number plates throughout the duration of his manhunt.

Surveillance footage from a Walmart parking lot showed Hasan stealing a Pennsylvania licence plate and attaching it to his car at approximately 10am on April 28, by the time he was arrested he had replaced those with stolen Arkansas plates, according to police.

In the days following Vasilije's death a person claiming to be Hasan posted on Reddit, describing the murder and the events that led up to it.

The original post has since been deleted but not before other users were able to copy the text and inform the police.

Hasan apparently admitted to the killing of Melinda Vasilije on Reddit. Photo / Instagram
Hasan apparently admitted to the killing of Melinda Vasilije on Reddit. Photo / Instagram

Throughout the post the person claiming to be Hasan states that when he fled from Canada it was to give himself space before going to the police, saying that "no one is more destroyed" than he is and refers to the murder as being "nothing but tragic".

The post goes on to detail the couple's on again off again relationship and says that Vasilije became mad when Hasan told her he had seen other girls when they were on a break and the argument got violent.

"[She] wouldn't say a word and just kept slapping me with tears in her eyes. Slaps turned into hits. I told her I was sorry but if she didn't stop I'd do something back. She didn't stop. I then stupidly pushed her, harder than I expected. She fell against the sink," the post reads.


Vasilije then apparently told him to leave her apartment and when he refused she pulled out a knife and came at Hasan with "full force", aiming it towards his face. The poster says his hands were cut up from trying to stop her and take the knife, claiming after that in a state of shock he grabbed a knife and "hit her with it ... A few times".

The person writing then goes on the claim that he was acting in self-defence and not had gone over to Vasilije's apartment with the purpose of hurting her.

"When I left I honestly thought she just passed out. Then I looked at the blood, and started freaking out and just ran. I didn't for sure she had died until the next day. I honestly had no intentions of ever doing that to her, I was protecting myself."

Just two days after Hasan's arrest, an Instagram account claiming to belong to the murder suspect, posted a photo with a caption that suggested he would be turning himself in.

"I'm coming home. It's time to end the dark path I've been travelling and give people the closure they deserve," the post read.

There were previous posts, including one with numerous pictures of Hasan and Vasilije and a long caption ending with the line, "I hope justice is served and punishment is given accordingly to what happened that night".

The police are yet to confirm whether or not it was Hasan behind this bizarre social media activity, saying their investigation into the posts is ongoing.

According to reports, the police are working with US officials to extradite Hasan back to Canada to face his charges.