A high-speed pursuit that lasted almost an hour, crossed two states and involved 22 police cars has also produced some classic car chase footage.

Video captured of a driver trying to flee southern Indiana police through the parking lot of a university campus has seen the incident praised as "very entertaining" and "an extremely good car chase".

In vision recorded from a local news helicopter, the red ute can be seen swerving across the Indiana University campus and callously crushing obstacles as it outsmarts several cop cars trying to stop the driver.

The newsreader talking over the vision is audibly amused by the winding chase through the empty car park, news.com.au reported.


"It appears he's just playing with the cops now," he says.

Video shows the car being clipped by police vehicles a number of times as they try to take him out, but by crossing the car park, driving over grass fields and leading police in circles, the driver manages to evade officers and eventually make it back onto the road.

Local news services report the male driver was eventually cornered by police and arrested.