A farmer who was caught having sex with donkey should marry the animal said its owner who has allegedly gone to tribal leaders to force the nuptials.

The pervert was caught assaulting the donkey by its horrified owner in the village of Roadhouse in Limpopo province, South Africa, according to local media.

The animal's owner reported the sex attack to village elders and claimed it was not the first time the man interfered with the donkey, said the local Capricorn Voice newspaper.

The owner allegedly demanded that the farmer be forced to take the donkey as a wife.


He said: "When I went to him he said he was sorry about it but I'm not satisfied as it was not for the first time that he committed the same act."

The farmer reportedly refused to appear before the elders.

Acting Headman Daniel Ngobeni, said: "Because of the man's absence we have transferred the matter to the Shigalo Tribal Authority Council."

Thompson Ntlamu, secretary of the Shigalo Tribal Authority Council, said it was investigating.

He said: "We summoned the man and he will appear to answer to charges against him."