A British teenager who shaved his head to raise money for charity says he is being punished for having an "extreme haircut".

Taylor Jones, 15, raised more than $3,100 for cancer research, but has since been placed in isolation by his college for breaking school rules.

The Launceston College student will now have to take lessons and break times by himself until his hair grows back to a suitable length.

Taylor's father, Nick Jones, told Cornwall Live he's furious at his son's treatment, labelling the school's action a "dictatorship".


"He has been growing it for a while, and it had got very unruly and most people said his previous hairstyle was more of an extreme haircut than this is," he said.

"It is petty red tape, and it's not helping anybody."

Jones said his son was so upset after a day in isolation that he didn't want to return to school the next day.

However, the school are standing by their decision to place Taylor in isolation, saying in a statement that he was advised he could have his hair cut to a very short but acceptable length.

"He went against this advice having it cut extremely short in the days immediately before term began. There would have been no sanction had he followed this advice," the school said in their statement.

The school confirmed Taylor would be provided with individual specialist tuition from experienced, qualified teachers for the four days he will not be in lessons with his pairs.

"After this period his hair will no longer be considered an extreme hairstyle; he will return to normal lessons."

Taylor has received hundreds of offers of support for his charity fundraising and has now set up a JustGiving page to raise more money for Cancer Research UK.