A young boy who was the subject of extreme bullying has been hospitalised after his head was reportedly slammed into a metal pole.

Seven-year-old Jak Babyh, who lives in Telford, England, is a "quiet, caring, loving boy", according to his mother Laney. But another child at the school he attends - St Peter's Bratton - has taken a dislike to Jak.

According to his mother, Jak has been "whipped with skipping ropes, stabbed with a pencil, scratched, punched, called names, stabbed with paper clips [and] hit around the face with a tennis racket". But his latest awful injury comes from being pushed into a pole in a coat room - reportedly in front of the teacher.

Jak's birthday party was held soon after the incident, but his mother said he was concussed and his head hurt so badly he hid in the toilet waiting for his friends to leave.


The seven-year-old has now been hospitalised with a blood clot the size of a tennis ball on his head, with surgeons draining the clot after it became infected, his mother said.

A tennis ball-sized lump on Jak's head needed draining after it became infected. Photo/Facebook
A tennis ball-sized lump on Jak's head needed draining after it became infected. Photo/Facebook

Babyh said she started the Justice for Jak Facebook page after struggling to make headway with the school, police or the bully's parents.

"Who can I go to? What can I do? I need to help my quiet gorgeous polite boy," she wrote.
"My heart's breaking - he's so brave."

St Peters' policies says staff "act promptly and firmly to deal with all forms of bullying" and that the school's first priority is to ensure students' physical safety.

A letter from the school said it was "very unfortunate that the original minor injury became infected". It was investigating the incident.

But thousands of people have commented on the Justice for Jak Facebook page, many calling for the bully and the school to be held to account.

Laney Babyh says her
Laney Babyh says her "gorgeous, polite poy" has been repeatedly attacked by another child. Photo/Facebook

And others have decided to make Jak's life better. One of Babyh's supporters has started a crowdfunding campaign to fund a trip to Disneyland for Jak so he can celebrate his seventh birthday properly when he recovers.

Jo Chattell said she originally wanted to raise £500 for the family, who she has never met, but the page has already raised more than £5,000.