Lotto winner Jane Park was left in shock after hackers accessed her personal photos and offered to sell them to the press for .

The anonymous seller claimed to have got the four pictures from her private Snapchat account, openly admitting to having hacked into it, according to the Daily Mail.

They requested £1,000 - to be paid through Paypal, an online payments company - for the images of Miss Park, who won £1million on the Euromillions when she was 17.

Miss Park, now 22, is said to have been left in shock after the attempt to sell the images, although it is not known exactly what they showed.


Speaking to The Sun, the hacker wrote: "I even managed to recover some personal images of Jane from her Snapchat moments and chat messages, if you'd be interested in seeing those? I got them when I hacked into her Snapchat account.

I'm quite reasonable. There are a total of four pictures. Was thinking close to 4 figures via PayPal friend & family."

The offer comes as Jane Park's celebrity has grown in recent months after she hit the headlines again after claiming that she was going to sue Camelot, who run the lottery, for ruining her life.

Miss Park was so young when she won in 2013 that they had to put Irn Bru in her champagne flute for the press photo shoot after the win, and enjoyed celebrity because of it.

At the time, she vowed to spend it on a customised white Range Rover with pink trim, a season ticket for her beloved Hibernian football team and a holiday in Ibiza with her friends.

Miss Park also spent nearly £4,000 on plastic surgery to increase her bra size to a 36FF.

She bought herself a house in Prestonpans, Scotland, for £169,995 but recently sold it at a £20,000 profit after four years because she wanted to move back in with her mother after feeling lonely living alone.

Photo/Jane Park Facebook
Photo/Jane Park Facebook

Miss Park has previously bought a VW Beetle, a BMW, a purple Range Rover and is now shopping for a Mercedes.


A friend said she would consider the £30,000-£50,000 a chauffeur would cost "money well spent".

The lottery winner has hit the headlines numerous times over the years, flashing her 34FF breasts on a Halloween night out in November last year.

But in February, she claimed she was considering legal action against Camelot, claiming her life would have been "10 times better" had she not won the money at such a young age.

However, she has since revealed that she will not sue Camelot and is now rumoured to be appearing on the next series of Love Island.

The young winner, who does not work and has enjoyed a series of luxury cars since the win, hit the headlines again in March when she was banned from driving for 18 months.

She was caught well over the limit at a McDonald's Drive Thru in the early hours of the morning, but weeks later - with the court case hanging over her - was seen out shopping for a new Mercedes.

But the publicity she has suffered over recent months has increased her celebrity and it is reported that she is being coveted for the next series of Big Brother on Channel 5.

Although she was reportedly uncomfortable with her new boyfriend, Sam Callahan, a former X-Factor contestant, appearing on the show.