A drunk New Zealand driver who killed a pedestrian in Melbourne, sending her more than 80 metres through the air, will spend at least seven years in prison.

Nicholas Michael Davison, 23, was sentenced in the County Court on Friday to 11 years in prison, with a non-parole period of seven, over the death of Tanami Nayler.

He had pleaded guilty to five charges including culpable driving causing death and failing to stop after a fatal accident.

Davison had been refused entry to a bar in Melbourne's CBD 10 times before he stumbled to a rental car business, broke in, and stole a car in July 2016. He was travelling at 152km/h when he hit Ms Nayler, 24, sending her 84 metres from the intersection of King and Hawke Streets, instantly killing her.


She had been in Melbourne for less than three hours celebrating a job promotion. Her mother and father were watching the sentence via video link, with both holding hands as Judge Christopher Ryan detailed the crimes. Davison fled from the crash scene, took his clothes off and then took pictures of his injuries, posting them on Facebook, the court heard.

He lied to police, saying his friends had "messed with him" and he had sustained his injuries while falling down.

Judge Ryan said it was "inevitable" someone would have been killed at the speed Davison was going and at his level of intoxication.

Davison had began drinking regularly since the age of 18 and the habit increased when he moved to Melbourne in 2015.

He felt increasing pressure to meet his job demands and felt self conscious about his sexuality, the court heard.

"It is plain you used alcohol as a coping mechanism," Judge Ryan said. In sentencing, Judge Ryan took Davison's youth and his attempts to address his alcohol problem into consideration, but said his actions were a "shocking example" of the crimes he committed.

Along with the 11-year sentence, Davison's licence and permits will be cancelled and he will be disqualified from driving for six years.