Police in Salford, Britain, are hunting for a group of young men who posed for a "mannequin challenge" following two robberies which left victims "terrified".

The attacks, which happened within five minutes of each other in the Salford area of Greater Manchester last November 14, involved two victims being dragged to the ground and made to hand over mobile phones and passwords, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Roger Bosion, 22, was later arrested in Manchester city centre and stolen debit cards and mobile phones were recovered from a blue Ford Escort said to have been used in both robberies - including one phone containing the mannequin challenge footage.

The challenge was a social media craze last year involving people being filmed frozen in place like mannequins.


Bosion remains at large after failing to return to police for further questioning in December.

Salford police have asked for the public's help in identifying the people in the footage.

Detective Constable Allan Barker, of Greater Manchester Police's Salford Borough, said: "We have been following a number of inquiries but we have not yet been able to identify those responsible, so it is imperative that we speak to the group of people in the footage to be able to move forward with the investigation."