A Japanese man who was found dead in his apartment by a cleaner was not killed by a pile of pornography magazines.

The Daily Mail reported the 50-year-old former car maker identified only by the name Joji, had amassed more than six tons of porn and died when a huge pile of magazines fell on top of him.

The Mail reported a cleaner who was hired to remove the magazines discreetly
had said that the man had died buried underneath under a pile of porn.

The man had reportedly been dead for six months.


However according to Gizmodo, the man, known as Joji, was reported dead by Nikkan Spa on 28 February, five days before the Daily Mail article was published.

Nikkan Spa reports that the coronor found Joji had a heart attack. His body was found having fallen on to some magazines - of which there were a lot.

Joji was not found for some time because fluids from his decomposing body were absorbed by the pile of magazines, rather than seeping through the floor to the apartment below.

"In order not to become a shame of the deceased, we try to dispose of adult toys in the room so that the bereaved family will not be aware of it," a man from a cleaning crew who specialises in lonely deaths told Nikkan Spa.