Though White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is now known for his confrontational press conferences, distaste for the media and impressive gum-chewing abilities, a decade ago he led a more simple, joyous life.

Most notably, that past life included becoming the official Easter Bunny at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Photos have resurfaced of a red-faced Spicer in 2008 in full bunny attire, smiling for the camera at the annual event.

At the time, Spicer was working as the assistant US trade representative for media and public affairs in George W Bush's administration; the coveted role of the Easter Bunny was clearly an extra perk on top of his other daily responsibilities.


In other photos, Spicer is pictured (this time unrecognisable, completely in character in the rabbit suit) standing next to then-President Bush and Laura Bush. He looks happy to be there, but it's hard to tell past the mascot's one-toothed grin and huge, floppy ears.

Last March, Spicer proudly drew attention to his two-year run as Easter Bunny by tweeting a photo of himself in the outfit.

"The good ole days - what I would give to hide in a bunny costume again," he wrote.

Screenwriter Bob Schooley recently brought Spicer's hoppy moments back into the public eye by tweeting a screenshot of a Politico article on, arguably, Spicer's biggest professional accomplishment.

In the piece, Spicer gave the inside scoop on what it's truly like to don the family-friendly costume.

"It gets very hot. Each bunny gets a handler who guides them around the South Lawn. My handler for the event was my wife, Rebecca, who has been keeping me in line for years,' he said.

He was also asked how the bunny routine fits into his day job.

"I kept telling the kids that "eggs-ports" help grow the economy and create jobs.

"All of the stuff kids got in their Easter baskets from Colombia entered the US almost entirely duty-free, but when the Easter Bunny brought stuff made in the US to kids in Colombia, he had to pay stiff tariffs - Congress should pass the Colombia trade agreement and end one-way trade.'

Sadly, Spicer also revealed that his bunny duties left him unable to meet any politicians, or even the Jonas Brothers, who were performing at the event that year.

"I was not aware of anyone specifically - there are so many children trying to say hi and have their photo taken that there really isn't much time, and since the bunny does not speak, it would be tough," he said.

There is no word yet if Donald Trump has plans to host the Easter Egg Roll this year, which has been a White House tradition since 1878, but here's hoping that Spicer will be able to fulfill his dream of "hiding in a bunny costume" once again.