A Brisbane father who has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his 3-year- old daughter was more interested in getting coffee and a cigarette than helping his flatmate to resuscitate the toddler, a court has heard.

Matthew Lee Williamson is being sentenced in Brisbane District Court over the death of his daughter Kyhesha-Lee Joughin, who died in March 2013 after suffering protracted physical and sexual abuse, AAP reported.

The court heard detailed evidence from Williamson's former housemate, Christopher Kent, who previously spent 19 months in jail after also pleading guilty to Khyesha's manslaughter.

Kent recounted how he tried to revive Khyesha after noticing her lips were turning blue and tried to wake Williamson, who was sleeping on a nearby couch, to help.


"He didn't give a s***," Kent said.

"He just wanted his coffee and smoke."

In addition to the internal injuries, Khyesha had suffered bruises to her face, cuts to her ear and lip, and a stomach injury consistent with a blow from a fist or foot or an adult falling on her.

Williamson denies causing the injuries but Kent has told the court he witnessed the regular physical abuse of the 3-year-old while living with the father and daughter at a Petrie unit.

He said Williamson, who generally slept through the day, would lock his daughter in her bedroom for hours on end and would become enraged when she then ended up throwing her faeces inside the room.

In the weeks before her death, Williamson punched her in the belly and would hold her arm and smack her, Kent said.

"It was like two adults fighting," he said.

"She cried and cried and cried, and all Matt could do was yell."

Kent has previously been convicted of sexual assault and has a criminal record dating back to 1989 but denies ever abusing Khyesha.

He's currently in jail, he says, for driving while disqualified and is worried fellow inmates will find out he's giving evidence.

"I'm here helping the Crown," he said.

"I've got to think of my own safety."

Several other witnesses, including former neighbours, are expected to give evidence as Williamson's sentence hearing proceeds before Justice Roslyn Atkinson.