Nigel Farage enjoyed a dinner with Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka yesterday after visiting the White House and discussing Brexit with senior aides.

The former Ukip leader was photographed dining with the President, his family and close advisers at Trump International Hotel in New York.

It is understood that he met Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, and updated him on Brexit.

The visit comes after Farage became the first foreign politician to meet Trump following his election. Trump has suggested that Farage should become Britain's ambassador to the US in a snub to Sir Kim Darroch, Britain's man in Washington.


British Prime Minister Theresa May subsequently became the first foreign leader to officially visit him.

However, Farage's latest trip to the US demonstrates that he still has access to Trump and his inner circle.

One source told the Sun that Farage spent three hours at the White House and updated staff on "how Brexit is going and discussed the wider political situation in Europe".

Another added that Farage and Trump "discussed the Brexit progress, global politics and the wider conservative movement".

Farage posted on Twitter a photograph, captioned "Dinner with the Donald", of himself grinning at table with the president, Ivanka Trump, her White House adviser husband Jared Kushner, and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

It came as Farage travelled to Washington to tell Trump's followers that they are part of a "global revolution" that began with Brexit.

He was greeted with a standing ovation at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he spoke of the "Brexit mania" he had witnessed after travelling to the US to take part in a Trump rally.

"I'm proud to be a part of that campaign, I really am," he said, adding that he was beginning to feel "more American" ever since Trump's victory.

Farage appeared to back the president's aggressive dismissals of the media, telling US broadcaster Fox Business Network it was "losing this battle big time".

He said: "They are simply not prepared to accept that Brexit happened, that Trump happened. They kind of want to turn the clock back and what they don't realise is they are losing viewers, they are losing listeners, they are losing this battle big time.

"I am pleased that the president is not afraid to stand up to them."