A father who threw his 7-month-old baby from a 30-metre-high bridge has been convicted of murder.

Tony Moreno, 23, of Connecticut sent a text to his ex-partner saying "he's dead. Soon I will be too" before jumping off the bridge himself.

Moreno threw the child off the Arrigoni Bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Middletown and Portland on July 15, 2015, and then jumped intending to kill himself, The Sun reports.

He spent several days in hospital while his son Aaden was found by a kayaker 22km downstream two days after the incident.


Moreno claimed the baby slipped from his arms and he never intended to harm him.

He was pictured in court with a toy doll to demonstrate how he held his son on the bridge's railing.

Defence lawyer Norman Pattis told the court that it was possible Aaden may have had a muscle disorder that caused sudden jerking motions, resulting in his fall from the bridge.

A police officer and a hospital psychiatrist testified that Moreno made statements indicating that he had killed the child.

Moreno will be sentenced in May.