Donald Trump has posted and then quickly deleted a tweet about meeting generals at his "Southern White House" Mar-a-Lago.

The President, who has just returned from his estate in Palm Beach, Florida, tweeted: "Meeting with Generals at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Very interesting!"

But within a few hours, the post had disappeared from social media.

For someone who has few qualms about offending people with his wild statements, the 70-year-old must have had a compelling reason to remove the tweet.


Strategist and part-time "Trump-splainer" Jeff Black jokingly took the credit for the deletion after he had parodied the tweet, writing: "[White House chief strategist Steve] Bannon's spying on Generals - making a list of true Regime Loyalists, in case lying traitors EVER challenge MY Presidency. Very Civil!"

Mr Trump has deleted tweets before. On February 17, he tweeted a list of "FAKE NEWS media", finishing with: "Sick!" He then deleted it and posted it again with the final word removed to make space for the names of two more news outlets.

On January 21, he tweeted that he was "honered" to serve the American people. Moments later, the tweet was deleted.

Some have speculated that the former reality star's tweet deletions could actually be illegal. The 1978 Presidential Records Act states that the President must obtain the "views of the Archivist of the United States" before disposing of any records.

While the tweets are posted from Mr Trump's personal Twitter account rather than his official @POTUS account, they are considered a matter of public record.

The White House and National Archives office have not responded to requests for clarification.