THE INTERNET is having a field day with what may be Donald Trump's most phallic tweet to date.

The President took to Twitter early this morning to tweet about the impact of foreigners entering the United States.

He was riding off the back of his executive order banning travel entry from seven predominantly Muslim countries, which he's having a harder time pushing through the courts.

Now, that's all well and good, but Twitter users are struggling to make sense of his choice of phrasing on the issue this morning.


Namely the statement that "we wait for what should be EASY D!"

That's right. Easy D.

No one is exactly sure what Mr Trump was referring to, although there's a chance it meant "Easy Decision".

But for more than a decade, the term "The D" has been explicitly used in reference to - well - the penis.

It was first popularised after American singer R Kelly used it in the 2004 song So Sexy, and has existed in the form of spicy memes and "Netflix and chill" requests ever since.

Whether Trump is familiar with millennial slang is another question altogether, but that hasn't done much to quell speculation he was indeed referring to the male appendage.

Predictably enough, "Easy D" fast began trending globally on Twitter, and the memes haven't stopped pouring in.

The Trump administration has not addressed the post, although the President has since posted new, phallic-free tweets about the immigration ban.