A mate of the Auckland man facing a charge of first-degree murder in the US has released a recording of a chilling conversation he had with an American corrections officer about his mate's predicament.

Clinton Thinn, 29, is being held at George Bailey Detention Center, San Diego, California, on charges of attempting to hold up a bank at gunpoint. He's also accused of murder.

Thomas James posted a video of the call to his Facebook page on Monday. In the recording he can be heard asking a man, who is understood to be a corrections officer, what prison Thinn is being held in and the charges he is facing.

"He has one charge of 187, murder in the first degree," the corrections officer says, before going on to add that Thinn is also facing criminal threat charges and four counts of attempted robbery and other violent charges.


James is silent when the officers tells him of the murder charge but can be heard saying "Yup" in response attempted robbery charges.

Kiwi Clinton Thinn has been arrested in Los Angeles and charged with murder. The aspiring rapper moved to the United States to further his rap career according to a friend.