A monk in Burma is being held for hiding more than 4 million methamphetamine pills in his monastery, police said. AFP reports that the Buddhist monk, named Arsara, was taken into custody after police said they found 400,000 pills in his car. Police found another 4.2 million pills at his monastery.

A 90-year-old Australian lungfish acquired by a Chicago aquarium in 1933 has been euthanised after becoming the longest-living fish in a zoological setting. The fish, known as Granddad, was euthanised because of failing health, officials from the Shedd Aquarium announced. Granddad came to Shedd from Australia and was seen by more than 104 million people.

Joseph Schreiber, an ex-convict who posted anti-Islamic rants online, pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 30 years in prison to setting fire to a mosque - the Islamic Centre of Fort Pierce - that the Orlando nightclub shooter attended occasionally.

Romania's Prime Minister said he may fire the Justice Minister for mishandling a contentious decree that has sparked the country's largest anti-government protests since communism ended. PM Sorin Grindeanu said the emergency decree to decriminalise some official misconduct approved by his Cabinet last week had "led to division" among Romanians. Grindeanu suggested Justice Minister Florin Iordache may lose his job over the move within days. Although the government repealed the measure yesterday, the unrest its move sparked continued.


Scientists have detected a black hole that's taken a record-breaking decade to devour a star - and it's still chewing away. The food fest is happening in a small galaxy 1.8 billion light-years from Earth. University of New Hampshire research scientist Dacheng Lin said that black hole feeding frenzies have been observed since the 1990s, but they've lasted just a year. At 11 years and counting, this is the longest known one yet.

One of the largest paintings by Surrealist master Rene Magritte could set a record for the artist when it is goes up for sale with an estimated price of £14 million. Christie's auction house told AP that it will offer La Corde Sensible ("Heartstrings") in London on February 28. It will go on display at Christie's London showroom on February 23. The Belgian artist painted the image of a crystal Champagne glass topped with a frothy crown of clouds in a mountainous landscape in 1960 and gave it to his wife as a gift.

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