Donald Trump has been sworn in as 45th President of the United States. Here's how the internet reacted to his inauguration.

Early chat was dominated by a patriotic outfit of questionable taste.

And speculation on what the major players might be thinking.

​Especially Barron, who appeared unhappy.


Michelle's reaction did not go unnoticed.

The ceremony didn't go entirely without a hitch.


People noticed that the crowd didn't seem YUGE enough.

Eagle-eyed media types picked up on a cover photo change flub.

And noticed that the page on climate change had disappeared from the Whitehouse website.

Or this moment of deja vu.

Trump's speech was well-received by many.


Especially his voters.

Congratulations poured in from leaders around the world.

Some 'haters' and 'losers' were not so happy

Some remembered 'Jeb!'.

Chelsea Handler got topical.

Joe Biden's 'basic' transport home was appreciated.

Trump juniors continue to delight.

President Trump, of course, gets the last word.

Hello, POTUS.