Donald Trump has been mercilessly trolled after posting a picture of what he claimed was him hard at work writing his inaugural address from the "Winter White House."

The picture shows the president-elect sat behind a dark wood desk, with his pen poised over a blank notepad, the Daily Mail reported.

"Writing my inaugural address at the Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, three weeks ago," Trump tweeted. "Looking forward to Friday. #Inauguration."

But people on Twitter were quick to point out that his 'desk' appeared to be a receptionist's table in the public hallway of the Mar-a-Lago club.


Another tweet imagined Trump was sketching a live model in the style of Leo DiCaprio drawing Kate Winslet in Titanic.

"Draw me like one of your French girls," the caption read.

Several others mocked the content of the speech.

One posted a picture of the notepad which simply said: 'Don's speech' - with 'speech' originally misspelled - and a squiggle underneath.

Another posted a 'live look at Trump writing his inaugural address' with just an elaborately decorated word 'The'.

While some suggested that the real estate mogul was doodling half naked pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Another suggested Trump was writing a 'thank you' letter to Putin after the allegations of Russian hacking.

On Tweet imagined that Trump was drawing stick figures of himself and the 'suckers' who voted for him.

While some suggested that Trump's stern expression in the picture, reflected his own concern about his inauguration.

Senior Trump officials told CNN yesterday that Trump had written a draft of his inaugural speech.

And while we would never suggest that Trump did not, as he claimed, wrote the speech in the public hallway of the Mar-a-Lago club with a black Sharpie, the president-elect has hopefully learned a lesson from his wife Melania's 'plagiarised' speech and kept it original.