A newly released video shows a disgraced divorce attorney hypnotizing one of his female clients for his own sexual gratification.

Michael Fine, 59, of Ohio, was jailed for 12 years last November after pleading guilty to charges relating to the sexual abuse of six women he had hypnotised.

Now footage has emerged of him putting a client under hypnosis as part of an undercover police sting in 2014.

The video shows Fine going through some relaxation techniques with the woman, who was wearing a hidden camera, before she was put in a hypnotic trance.


"Let's take a deep breath ... one more time. Ok, I gotta calm down, let's do this together," Fine says in the video, obtained by Fox 8.

"Each time I say the word sleep, you're gonna go deeper and deeper, ten times deeper. One, two, three, sleep ... one, two, three sleep," Fine said.

The session then moved to the couch where it became sexual in nature.

Grasping the hand of the client - whose eyes are closed, and with his other hand resting on her shoulder, Fine told her: "Every time I say the word pleasure, you cannot constrain or hold yourself back, your entire body is a vessel of pleasure," he said.

"When is the last time you made love?" he asked.

"Every time I touch you, it's gonna be an incredible sensation," he said.

"At the count of three, you won't be able to control yourself," Fine also said.

After a few minutes, Fine wakes the woman out of her trance and resumes talking about her case when police burst in.

Fine was arrested and charged with putting multiple women into the trances for his own pleasure.

"He used my trust and his position as my attorney to gain information about my vulnerabilities," one of the victims told the court last year, as Fine was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

"He then used that information not only to protect and defend me, but also to manipulate, hurt and take advantage of me," said one of the victim's when she spoke at Fine's sentencing hearing in November.

Police began investigating the married divorce attorney back in 2014 after two women came forward saying they believed they had been hypnotised after losing track of time and being unable to recall meetings and phone calls with Fine.