Queensland Police have found no evidence a New Zealand man found under an Australian bridge was seriously injured in a "gay hate crime" as his husband alleged.

Maioha Tokotaua found his "mangled" husband, Joth Wilson, 25, originally of Palmerston North, unconscious under a rail bridge in Gladstone about 2am on New Year's Day.

As well as broken bones and burns to 40 per cent of his body, Wilson had a brain haemorrhage and a severed spinal cord - making him unlikely to ever walk again.

A distraught Tokotaua told Daily Mail Australia he believed his husband was attacked after a married man who propositioned him started to fear he might tell his family about his advances.


He believed Wilson was thrown off the bridge and that his burns appeared to have come from a chemical or lighter fluid being poured on him and set alight.

But Queensland Police said they had finished their investigation and found Wilson's injuries were consistent with a fall on to powerlines.

"As part of the investigation, police interviewed a number of people and reviewed CCTV footage from a nearby business.

"The investigation - which canvassed many different scenarios - has identified that no one else was involved in this matter, and is therefore considered non-suspicious."

The couple, who had been visiting family and travelling along Australia's east coast, have been married for three years, tying the knot after gay marriage was made legal in New Zealand.

They have three adopted children and have also helped raise 15 foster children.

- additional reporting Daily Mail