A driver crashed a rented 458 Ferarri worth $500,000 after taking it for a spin in an attempt to impress a girl.

The driver is identified as a 26-year-old Subaru WRX STi driver by the YouTube account Oxotic: Pure Adrenaline.

Dash-cam footage filmed from inside the car shows the driver over-confidently zooming around corners on a road in Colorado.

The footage also captures the conversation between the pair in the car.


"This is really fast!" a female passenger tells the driver nervously.

In response the driver laughs and floors it after being warned to be careful.

Ten seconds later, the driver loses his nerve on a corner and crashes into a road barrier damaging the Ferrari's front while the passenger screams.

"F***, f***, goddammit. I bet I just lost my licence," the driver swears when he goes to inspect the mess he has made.

Oxotic wrote on the post: "Some dudes just can't help themselves when they have a lady sitting shotgun I guess?"

The damage was so severe that the car was deemed a total loss by the insurance company.